Statistical Analysis of Accidents and Malpractices

Prospective clients such as Local Authorities and Government organisations are increasingly vetting the Health & Safety performance of their sub contractors at tender stage to ensure those they employ have a good track record in the Health & Safety field. One of the tools Clients use in determining what is a good Safety record is through accident and malpractice statistics.

Sub contractors with a good safety record will stand a better chance of winning contracts.

For this service, one of our consultants will need to:

  • Collate information on the total number of RIDDOR accidents and incidents that have been reported by the company.
  • Collate information regarding malpractice issues such as HSE improvement and/or Prohibition notices as well as issues that may have been documented in previous site safety inspection reports.
  • Analyse the results and present them in an user-friendly way

The result is then used as an acceptable guide to the company’s safety performance.
Please note: The resulting average may be high where records of accidents, injuries or site inspections have not been kept up to date.

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