Site Safety Inductions

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 imposes a general duty on employers to ensure that employees receive the necessary instruction, information and training to enable them to perform their tasks safely and correctly. The Management and Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 expand this obligation. These Regulations establish more detailed requirements linking training with the capability to perform a particular task. Under the MHSW Regulations personnel must receive training on Induction i.e. when first recruited and also before they are exposed to new or increased risks.

One of our consultants will contact the company manager to discuss the workplace environment, the company rules and Health & Safety arrangements specific to the workplace and, will arrange to communicate this information to the site personnel through induction training courses (depending on the size of the workforce) at the beginning of the contract.

Subsequent induction training courses should be arranged to ensure all personnel receive the information as and when they are contracted where work processes are ongoing or where new risks are anticipated.
All attendees will be asked to sign a register of attendance at the end of each induction course.

2 Hour Duration - Max. persons dependent on site facilities

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