Part 1 of the Policy details the Company’s intent to operate its business within Regulation and guidelines set out under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.
It is sub-divided into 3 sections:

Section 1 – Health & Safety Policy Statement

This is an official statement of the company’s intent to carry out its processes according to the Regulations and Guidelines set out under the HSAW Act 1974.
The section sets out the objective and scope of the policy, designates responsibility to individual positions within the company, defines the obligations of personnel and explains how the measures contained in the policy will be applied.
It sets out guidance for precautionary measures that must be taken including the requirement for Information, training and instruction, Planning and control, welfare issues and how to maintain high standards of Health & Safety through Measuring, monitoring, reviewing and auditing.
It is a legal requirement for the Director in charge of Health & Safety to sign the policy and this should be done at the end of section 1.

Section 2 – Health & Safety Organisational Chart

The inter-relationship of the various parties involved in the management of safety is shown in a flow chart diagram.

Section 3 – Health & Safety Organisation – Responsibilities & Duties.

The section sets out the particular responsibilities and duties of the formal positions shown in the organisational chart.
This will usually include the Director in Charge of Health & Safety, Managers, Supervisors, etc, depending on the Company hierarchy.

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