Completing F2508 Accident Investigation Form

The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR 1995)

The main purpose of this Regulation is to provide enforcing authorities with information on specific injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences arising from work activities covered by the Health & Safety at Work Act.
When reporting injuries and dangerous occurrences, the approved Form must be used (F2508).

Our consultants are fully trained to give advice on what constitutes a “reportable” accident or injury as set out under RIDDOR.
Once it has been established that the accident / incident is reportable the consultant can:

  • Assist in the completion of the F2508, giving advice on the specific content requirements, where the accident / incident details have been previously taken.
  • Complete the F2508 on behalf of the company using the details supplied by the accident / incident investigator.
  • Complete the F2508 on behalf of the company based on our own independent investigation.

It is always recommended that an independent investigation be carried out immediately following any accident / incident.

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