Format of a Standard Safety Inspection

Many of the Organisations who require our Standard Safety Inspections do so because they wish to have a regular independent report regarding their health and safety standards. This type of Inspection is backed-up with experienced, good practical solutions and assistance where necessary.

Regular Inspections can be linked to Statistical Analysis of Accidents and Malpractices with the advantage of showing clearly how well a Company is performing and where further improvements would be beneficial.

Richardson-Hill's Weekly Safety Inspections have proved to be a very cost effective way of implementing and complying with the Health and Safety Legal Requirements as well as being beneficial in raising the safety awareness of our client's workforce. The general format for these Inspections is as follows:
  • Report to Management
  • Discuss site activities with Site Management to highlight matters of interest
  • Inspect site documentation, i.e. Inspection documents, Accident Books, Health and Safety Plans, etc
  • Inspect the workplace and equipment in use
  • Accommodate Safety Tool Box Talks and other safety disciplines
  • Write a Safety Report on findings and give appropriate advice
  • Discussion with those concerned regarding safety matters
  • Ask Site Management to sign the three-fold stationery Safety Report
  • Leave a copy of the Safety Report on site
  • Send a copy of the Safety Report to your Head Office
  • Retain a copy of the Safety Report at our office
The benefit of our professional safety service is improved efficiency in dealing with Health and Safety matters and the results are the smoother running of operations.

Professional safety planning and good safety procedures can dramatically reduce the chances of unplanned events from occurring, i.e. less accidents, less damage to or loss of plant, equipment, property, materials and product. Less delays in processes and operations and reduces events, which may otherwise be detrimental to the efficiency and/or prestige of a company.

Tailored Safety Inspections and Audits

We are able to perform to our Clients established Safety Inspection and Audit arrangements if preferred. The duration, frequency, depth of advice and assistance, etc. can be fully accommodated.

We provide a professional Inspection/Audit service, which can be trusted and relied upon and, because we have good geographical national coverage we can provide this type of service extremely cost effectively, giving us the advantage of being more economic than our competitors and our Clients direct workforce.

Our Fees